A Few Coins More

Session 3: On the Road Again
The infamous caravan guard job

While the details aren't clear it sounded like the group would be getting a caravan guard job. My proposal was to place the team wagons on both ends with one of our heavy fighters leading and trailing the train and others between the escorted wagon(s) and our end wagons. Depending on the length of the caravan we are escorting that could put some people out of range of combats when they start, but it should give us coverage for most areas (we could work our middle lines in a wagon or two if the original wagon train is long).         

Session 2: A little more caution
Not so anxious to battle trolls after all

The team elected not to follow the trail back to the troll lair, but did map it's location so the information could be passed on to other travelers. They went back to the village and spent another night, acquired more supplies and picked up a couple hirelings. After travelling the desert to Al Raback the each took a share of 10 gold and set about bathing and getting new clothes.

Trekking north through the hills they stopped again for the night in Hardby each taking another 10 gold to relax and equip.

On the way to Greyhawk City they rescued a merchant wagon from gnolls and decided to slow their travel so they could protect the merchants for the rest of the trip. The merchant proved a valuable asset in disposing of their loot and the characters leveled up and hired more hirelings and added another wagon (this one a caravan style with a forge/kiln built into the back).

The group now has the original 5 (1 goblin, 1 human, 2 elves, 1 half-elf) and 6 hirelings (3 humans, 1 gobln, 2 elves). They also have 2 dogs, 12 horses, 1 mule, and numerous chickens.

After scouting around the ruins of Greyhawk but not going in the group returned to greyhawk city for some additional training before setting out on their next adventure.              

Jade Hare

Airoril, Magic, Malic, Sven and Toby spent two weeks in Greyhawk City supplying themselves with gear and weaponry. Qadi Ibn Ali approached them at the Green Dragon and implored them to help his village recover their sacred idol, the Jade Hare. He explained that goblins stole it, but Abullah remembered a man who had asked to buy it. The description matched the mad warlock who lived up in the hills, Abu-Ghabar.  Further, trader Yusif ibn Ahmad offered to show them the way.

The group geared up in preparation to helping out. Yusif told them that it would take about 17 days.  There were fluctuations in the weather, but no encounters until their 9th day of travel. They spotted 8 orcs, camping in a copse of trees. Using tactics, the group defeated the orc band.  Two days later, they spotted 16 more encamped in a copse. Their tactics proved to effective once again. Six days later, they approached the wizard's domain. They spotted two trolls. Using a potion of fire breath (recovered from the band of orcs), the trolls were quickly dispatched.  Though tempted to track down the troll lair, they decided to wait until after finding the treasure (including the Jade Hare).

Toby, Magic and Airoril led the way into the natural cavern. Magic scouted west, while Airoril and Toby moved north. Both groups found a goblin guard and quickly dispatched them. Finding no secret doors, the group decided to head north. They found a well, gaining a bucket and ladle. Noting three directions, they continued north. Upon detecting yellow mold, they decided to avoid it and head west. 

Their first encounter was Balgoruk, the bugbear lieutenant of Abu-Ghabar! They defeated him and headed to the next room.  The wizard's lab yielded a fully equipped alchemy set-up and 4 potions. There they found the wizard, ready to attack.  He cast web, which flamed up because Malic was carrying a torch. This allowed the team to attack and quickly dispatch Abu-Ghabar. They spent two days healing up and searched for secret doors. One was found—it lead to a hidden exit on a hill. Using the keys from the wizard's body, they found the treasure. Upon entering, they were attacked by a gargoyle. Toby managed to destroy it with the magical battle axe obtained from Balgoruk, the bugbear.  This required some more recovery time.

Once every one was healed up, they headed south. They killed a sleeping goblin guard and found the dining hall. Moving east, they were attacked by 8 goblins. One got away, but the rest were defeated despite some quick evasions. In the kitchen, a hobgoblin and his goblin assistant were making rabbit stew that smelled tasty. They killed the goblin, planning to capture the hobgoblin as a cook. Sadly, he attacked and died when the team moved in to kill the goblin. The storage room yielded supplies and weapons.

Having cleared the dungeon of monsters, the group hauled out their loot.  Then they headed to Dar el Tamyya and returned the Jade Hare. Qadi declared a day of celebration honoring the brave and honorable team that recovered their blessed Jade Hare.  The team enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation in the village before heading back.  Two days north of the village, they saw 8 orcs while setting up camp.  The team defeated them and finished setting up camp. In the morning, having just finished packing up, they saw five trolls. The group quickly developed a battle plan and every one stuck to it. They managed to defeat the trolls and healed up again.  This time, they decided, they would find the troll lair.

Session 1: The Call of Adventure
New Beginnings

Getting Started:

In the first session characters would need to get established as a party and set out on their first adventure. This can be an important step in creating the flavor for the campaign.        


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