A Few Coins More

Sesseion 11: Reunion
retraining and another assault

The two teams got back together and left knowing the wizard escaped. They were ambushed by ogres on the way out, but made quick work of them then took six months off for training before returning with a plan to eliminate the wizard and any new trolls he accumulated.

While the main group engaged the trolls head-on Toby ambushed the wizard trapping him in a rug of welcome and smothering him. The team had a harder time with the trolls as the wizard had upgraded his defenses to putting stoneskin on all the trolls.

After clearing that section they returned to the surface for additional training.                        

Session 10: The Divide
More trouble on level 1

After training and playing with a bag of beans (with red dragon attack) the team re-entered the first level of Tower Zagig. There were many armored trolls working with a wizard, but pursuit of the wizard split the party and the session ended with Sven and Airoril on a different level than the rest of the party. The assumption is the two groups will try to meet up and exit the dungeon having amassed many XP and much gold already.

Session 9: Return to The Towers
More of the Ruins of Greyhawk

After a brief training break the party intends to start another forray into the towers, they currently have maps to 2 of the 3 towers.              

Session 8: In Search of Loot
Tracking the final treasure map

The next session will likely begin with training, then go to finding the last treasure map location before preparing to explore the Ruins of Greyhawk – Tower of Zagig although that may have to wait for another session depending on how long it takes to get the first treasure and settle things.

The rogues trained, the team recovered the last treasure from an ogre lair and Toby trained again. Then the team made a brief forray into The Tower of Zagig during which Airoril and Toby were petrified. The rest of the party pulled back and the wizard's guild returned Airoril and Toby to flesh.

Leaving off Toby was considering having his henchmen trained before returning to the dungeons.      

Session 7: Training and Treasure Maps
Running down the leads from the Deck

After playing with the Deck of Many things there were 7 treasure maps. The team tracked down the first six treasures battling orcs and ogres along the way. They have one more official treasure map to explore and then a map to the Tower of Zagig which doesn't show a specific treasure but suggests many treasures.

Toby and Airoril trained followers to be henchmen and with access to the new magic features of the Cloud Castle felt more confident taking them on adventures. Sven bought a charger quality horse (Silver), and at least Toby and Magic were ready to train again.         

Session 6: The Great Flood
More fun in the underdark

The characters returned to the dungeon and found many more mutant spider creatures. Eventually they found a nest city and destroyed the entire colony with greek fire. They continued to search for the drow and uncovered an evil artifact from ancient times. Discovering it could be supressed, but not destroyed they took the artifact with them to prevent discovery by evil forces again.

Finding the path to the drow underdark the characters spent some time along with their new companion (a deep gnome) to mine a tunnel from the underground river to the drow tunnels hoping to drown them out or at least stop them from using the path to come into the area.

Flush with magic items and cash the characters returned to Greyhawk City to train and winter (or possibly take a year off before tackling the Ruins of Greyhawk).      

Session 5: Where Spiders Roam
Fun with drow and arachnids

After training, commissioning items at the wizards guild, and playing with a bag of beans the characters heard rumors of a missing shephard and a mysterious opening at a set of standing stones. Investigating they encountered drow, and mutated spider creatures.

The investigation continues . . .        

Session 4: Hitting where it hurts
Characters are assaulting the enemy stronghold

The players have proven to be fearsome enemies to the orcs and anyone who would associate with them chasing down the raiders and bandits who have been slain with no quarter. While the goblin has countered the enemy ambushes quietly slaying those who lay in wait as the main warriors wade directly into the thick of the enemy warriors firing ranged weapons until close enough to engage with melee weapons or hand to hand. 

The characters are now tracking the location of the forward attack base used by the orcs and in all likelyhood will be no more merciful in their assault than at other encounters.

The characters found the old mines the orc forces were using and killed all the orcs, orogs, and ogers present as well as their human liason releasing some wolves that were held captive in the tunnels. After gathering the supplies they went to Great Wall and sold off the goods they didn't need and returned to Greyhawk to train.

They left off looking to auction or arrange sale of a valuable magic staff in the hopes of gaining funds to build a base/house and possibly commission magic items from the wizards guild.           

Session 3: On the Road Again
The infamous caravan guard job

While the details aren't clear it sounded like the group would be getting a caravan guard job. My proposal was to place the team wagons on both ends with one of our heavy fighters leading and trailing the train and others between the escorted wagon(s) and our end wagons. Depending on the length of the caravan we are escorting that could put some people out of range of combats when they start, but it should give us coverage for most areas (we could work our middle lines in a wagon or two if the original wagon train is long).

We were hired to Escort three wagons and along the trail found another wagon train had been destroyed by an ambush. The team salvaged a wagon and took two horses from each team wagon to get it moving with the rest of the caravan. The team was ambushed several times and each town they stopped in was also assaulted. They acquired two orc supply wagons and thwarted an assassination attempt. Eventually it was revealed they were escorting an agent of the local king and he asked them to assault the enemy fort since theyhad been having such good luck at wiping out the attacking forces.         

Session 2: A little more caution
Not so anxious to battle trolls after all

The team elected not to follow the trail back to the troll lair, but did map it's location so the information could be passed on to other travelers. They went back to the village and spent another night, acquired more supplies and picked up a couple hirelings. After travelling the desert to Al Raback the each took a share of 10 gold and set about bathing and getting new clothes.

Trekking north through the hills they stopped again for the night in Hardby each taking another 10 gold to relax and equip.

On the way to Greyhawk City they rescued a merchant wagon from gnolls and decided to slow their travel so they could protect the merchants for the rest of the trip. The merchant proved a valuable asset in disposing of their loot and the characters leveled up and hired more hirelings and added another wagon (this one a caravan style with a forge/kiln built into the back).

The group now has the original 5 (1 goblin, 1 human, 2 elves, 1 half-elf) and 6 hirelings (3 humans, 1 gobln, 2 elves). They also have 2 dogs, 12 horses, 1 mule, and numerous chickens.

After scouting around the ruins of Greyhawk but not going in the group returned to greyhawk city for some additional training before setting out on their next adventure.              


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