Airoril Inadalmort

Elven Fighter/Mage


Character: Airoril Inadalmort
(0) Race: Elf (high)
(3) Class (kit): Fighter/Wild Mage (battlemage)
Level: 2/3
Alignment: Neutral
Sex: Male
Age: 105
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 150
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue Green
Home: Free City of Greyhawk
Patron Deity: Boccob

(19) STR: 18/100 (Hit-3, Dam-6, Wgt-335, Max-480, OD 16 (6), BB 40%)
(14) DEX: 18 (Reac-2, Missile-2, Def-4)
(3) CON: 7 (HP-0, SS-55%, RS-60%, Pois-0, Regen-0)
(14) INT: 18 (Lang 7, Sp lev 9, Lrn sp 85%, sp/lvl 18, immune-0)
(0) WIS: 4 (mdef: -2, BS-0, SF-45%, Immune-0)
(4) CHA: 8 (Hench 3, loy: -1, rea-0)

None: 335 lb, move 12
Light: 374 lb, move 9
Moderate: 413, move 6
Heavy: 452, move 3
Severe: 480, move 1

Sp-12 (-1)
90% resistant to charm/sleep

Hit Poits (D10+D4/2): 16
Armor Class: 2

Weapon Attacks Thac0 Damage Range Size Type Speed
Exceptional Longsword 3/2 13 1d8+9/1d12+9 NA M S 5
Exceptional Shortsword 3/2 (1) 14 1d6+9/1d8+9 NA S P 3
Longbow (exceptional arrows) 2 13 1d6+7/1d6+7 7/14/21 L P 9
Knife 1 (2) 16 (14) 1d3+6/1d2+6 1/2/3 S S/P 2
Punch 2 15 1-2+7/1-2+7 NA S B 3

Ammo: Exceptional Flight Arrows

Weapon Prof: Broad Blades (3) Spcl Longsword (0) Spcl Shortsword (1), Longbow (0), Punching (1), Two Weapon Fighting (1)

NonWeapons: Elven (0/18), Common (1/18), Read/Write Common (1/19), Engineering (0/15), Spellcraft (0/16), Navigation (1/16), Animal Lore (1/18), Bowyer/Fletcher (1/17), Rope Use (1/18), Set Snares (1/20), Cooking (1/18), Brewing (1/18), Swimming (1/18).

Race/Kit Abilities:
Infravision 60 ft, detect secret/concealed doors (1,2,3 in 6, 10 ft), Bonus 1 to hit with shortswords and all bows, bonus 2 to hit with longwords, Surprise checks -4 (7 in 10 to surprise), 50% to control outcome of certain random magic items.

1st: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Cantrip, Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer, Armor, Metamorphosis Liquids, Detect Secret Doors, Liquid Orb, Filth’s Bane.

2nd: Chaos Shield


Airoril is a professional member of the Greyhawk Militia who has decided to try his hand at adventuring. While he has a strong interest in wild magic and research Airoril trained as a martial fighter relying on his impressive physical abilities to down opponents quickly, falling back on the magic mostly for defense and utility.

Early on in his career Airoril picked up a few scars while battling trolls and a gargoyle. While he has the deadly skill with a longbow common to elves he usually thrives in close combat sometimes dropping his swords and going to fists to finish an up close fight.

As a member of the Greyhawk Wizards Guild he makes a point of collecting monster components for the guild while adventuring which can be somewhat gruesome to witness as he carries barrels on the wagon to store blood and preserved organs (several barrels as creature types are never mixed). He also keeps a journal of where the group travels and what they encountered in various areas and these are turned over to the adventurer’s guild and the militia so other groups can be kept informed of potential trouble spots.

Airoril Inadalmort

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