Sven Olaff

Half Elf Fighter/Priest



Race: Half Elf
Class: Fighter/Specialty Priest
Kit: Myrmidon
Level: 1/1
Experience: 0/0
God: Bleredd

STR: 18 (100); hit 3, damage 6, weight 335, press 480, door 16 (6), Bars 40%
DEX: 18; reac 2, missile 2, def 4
CON: 7; hp 0, sys 55%, res 60%, pois 0, regen 0
INT: 9; lang 2,
WIS: 18; mag 2, Bonus 2×1, 2×2, Fail 0, immune 0
CHA: 4; hench

Hit Points: 9
Armor Class: 2 (armor spell 10 hp)

Warhammer: AT 1 (3/2), Thac0 18 (16/14) 1/2/3
Sling: AT 3/2, Thaco 14, Damage 1d4+8/1d4+8 (1d4+9/1d6+9) 5/10/20
Exceptional Battle Axe: At 3/2, Thaco 15, Damage 1d8+9/1d8+9

WPN: Specialized Warhammer (2), Specialized Sling (2), Specialized Battleax (0)

NWPN: Common (0/9), Weaponsmith (3/7) Blacksmith (1/18), Leatherworker (1/18), Fishing (1/18), Firebuilding (0/18), Ancient History (0/7)

Special: bonus 1 to craft skill per level (level 1 went to weaponsmith)



Sven was the child of a romantic trist between Alanna, a traveling Priestess of Hanali Celanil, and his father, Björn. Upon the request of Alanna, Björn agreed to keep and raise his son himself. Sven grew up working in a smithy on Horseshoe Road with his father for a skilled Dwarven blacksmith named Brokkr. The smith’s shop is located in Greyhawk City’s River Quarter and looks down The Strip. His father would take him camping and fishing and tell him old stories when they weren’t busy in the forge. He became a professional member of the Greyhawk Militia when he was barely old enough to join.


Convinced by his fellow militiaman Airoril and eager to become an adventurer, Sven forged himself a Battleaxe, gathered a few belongings and purchased some extra gear from Geeridan’s. When he set out, he took his pack mule Jarn and his loyal dog Spitz with him.


It wasn’t long before they were storied in the life of adventure, having battled trolls, goblins, orcs and other beasts and completed a quest for the Jade Hare. He became fast friends with an unusual ally, Toby the goblin thief, who made Sven a set of field plate armor. Sven crafted Airoril and Magic exceptional longswords and Malic a fine quality crossbow.


Sven Olaff

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