A Few Coins More

Session 2: A little more caution

Not so anxious to battle trolls after all

The team elected not to follow the trail back to the troll lair, but did map it's location so the information could be passed on to other travelers. They went back to the village and spent another night, acquired more supplies and picked up a couple hirelings. After travelling the desert to Al Raback the each took a share of 10 gold and set about bathing and getting new clothes.

Trekking north through the hills they stopped again for the night in Hardby each taking another 10 gold to relax and equip.

On the way to Greyhawk City they rescued a merchant wagon from gnolls and decided to slow their travel so they could protect the merchants for the rest of the trip. The merchant proved a valuable asset in disposing of their loot and the characters leveled up and hired more hirelings and added another wagon (this one a caravan style with a forge/kiln built into the back).

The group now has the original 5 (1 goblin, 1 human, 2 elves, 1 half-elf) and 6 hirelings (3 humans, 1 gobln, 2 elves). They also have 2 dogs, 12 horses, 1 mule, and numerous chickens.

After scouting around the ruins of Greyhawk but not going in the group returned to greyhawk city for some additional training before setting out on their next adventure.              


Since Time is more of a restraint than money Airoril will likely look to purchase many more exceptional arrows (at least 60, maybe 2 to 3 times that if available). He will also look for an axceptional short sword and a set of exceptional silver studded gauntlets. Last he will leave word (at least at the Green Dragon and Wizard’s Guild) that he is looking for specific magic items (Deck of Many Things, Luckstone, and/or Bag of Beans) and is willing to pay for information (say 100 GP if it is a useful lead) or to trade for the items if someone has one of them (he has a ring of free action).

Session 2: A little more caution

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