A Few Coins More

Session 3: On the Road Again

The infamous caravan guard job

While the details aren't clear it sounded like the group would be getting a caravan guard job. My proposal was to place the team wagons on both ends with one of our heavy fighters leading and trailing the train and others between the escorted wagon(s) and our end wagons. Depending on the length of the caravan we are escorting that could put some people out of range of combats when they start, but it should give us coverage for most areas (we could work our middle lines in a wagon or two if the original wagon train is long).

We were hired to Escort three wagons and along the trail found another wagon train had been destroyed by an ambush. The team salvaged a wagon and took two horses from each team wagon to get it moving with the rest of the caravan. The team was ambushed several times and each town they stopped in was also assaulted. They acquired two orc supply wagons and thwarted an assassination attempt. Eventually it was revealed they were escorting an agent of the local king and he asked them to assault the enemy fort since theyhad been having such good luck at wiping out the attacking forces.         



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