A Few Coins More

Session 6: The Great Flood

More fun in the underdark

The characters returned to the dungeon and found many more mutant spider creatures. Eventually they found a nest city and destroyed the entire colony with greek fire. They continued to search for the drow and uncovered an evil artifact from ancient times. Discovering it could be supressed, but not destroyed they took the artifact with them to prevent discovery by evil forces again.

Finding the path to the drow underdark the characters spent some time along with their new companion (a deep gnome) to mine a tunnel from the underground river to the drow tunnels hoping to drown them out or at least stop them from using the path to come into the area.

Flush with magic items and cash the characters returned to Greyhawk City to train and winter (or possibly take a year off before tackling the Ruins of Greyhawk).      



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